These two babies were born joined together and after the doctor tired to separate them. See what h…

These two babies were born joined together and after the doctor tired to separate them. See what happened

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  2. The only thing that happen is

    operation was successful 😊

    I no understand you again 😠 every time see what happen see what happen ,wetin happen 😒😒

  3. Sometimes we wonder what you are informing us 🤔🤔is like nowadays you are tired of acting and doing something with sense

  4. The only thing that happened is that they were successfully operated upon and disjointed.

    Mind your business and leave my data alone.

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  11. Wen this type of a thing happen, and the mother of the kids insist that she will not hesitate , you know that the kids don’t have any options,in that situation the father of the kids will go immidiately to a room..so in this situation you will realize that I just wasted your time for nothing 😏😏😏😜😜

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  15. That’s why I called you miracle working GOD you have done it again in the lives of these children may your name be highly glorified in Jesus name Amen

  16. we thank God almighty for the successful oppration him alon is to be glory for using the doctor to save those wonderful kids 🙏🙏

  17. the best doctor for world, you too much keep up your good work, baby sorry i saw the pain you pass through, you will succeed in life in Jesus Name Amen

  18. I pray that this baby grow up and praise the name of God for there life God protect their live in Jesus name amen

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