James Brown weeps bitterly, begs Bobrisky for forgiveness (Video)

Controversial cross-dresser James Brown has taken to his social media page to beg Bobrisky for forgiveness, just a day after he called him out over alleged threat to his life.

James Brown weeps bitterly, begs Bobrisky for forgiveness (Video)

If you recall yesterday, Brown alleged that Bobrisky called him and threatened to take his life if he does not stop copying his concept on Instagram.

The dancer then went further to blast Bob, saying despite the much respect he had for the popular bleaching cream vendor, he never expected him to stoop so low to call him and threaten him.

His Instagram page of more than 400, 000 followers was later taken down on the platform and it was rumored that Bobrisky was behind the action. Bobrisky however denied having anything to do with the ban on his account.

He wrote:

“All of you must tell me you love me o ! As for u James brown, I love you regardless you are just a baby. Mama still love you 😍. Secondly I need to clear d air, if I ever know about anyone account deleted let God judge me and repay me with evil. I have d purest heart ever !!!!! I can fight with you but not to wish you bad,”.

In what could be considered as the latest development to the story, Brown took to his YouTube page to seek for forgiveness from Bobrisky

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