If you love Mercy Johnson. You need to see this. HERE >>>

If you love Mercy Johnson. You need to see this. HERE >>> https://instagram.com/remedyblog?igshid=18jssze6gjtvi


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  1. I love you mercy and thank God for your happy home may God continue to be blessing you people and more wisdom to kids ( but keep making us happy🤣 and smile 💕 one of the best actress of Nollywood)

  2. Good hearted woman that loves is family, i want to be like you i love you take good care of your family and take care of other.

  3. I love you and the brilliant choice you made to marry a billionaire. You are far sighted young girl. Enjoy you life baby.

  4. I foresee you loosing us due to this nonstop silly news keeping updating which passed long time ago 🙄🙄

  5. Hatters, regina did not beg you to comment on her post, she’s not forciing anyone let her be she was the one decided to marry her husband she knows what is good for her people should mind their own business

  6. Oh mercy Johnson I love you so much because you are your family so beautiful and nice mother and child look so beautiful and blessed family I think you so much

  7. Regina if your son grow up and also get married at 70 i think that will be known as inheritance. And i wish you will be there to be proud of him.

  8. Actually,let’s enjoy what life presents to us and appreciate,but we need to know each and every decision we make in our lives whether good or bad the will always have consequences

  9. Hey that’s your father
    The baby:no mom that’s grandpa ned chineke some children can finish your marriage

  10. Regina Daniels I think u dnt have manner, is that hw to wish us happy Sunday. Some of us here are not ur mate forget the fact dat u marry an old man, for ur mind u wan me click ur link with the data wer I de manage for this January wer no gree waka.

  11. Beautiful family 👪
    The color of this children is already telling us your original color, but you’re seriously trying to deny it with makeup…😁

    Well done @Mercy Johnson Okojie

    My happiness for you and of which i also know is your happiness too is that you didn’t marry grandpa like Regina. See how your skin is glowing with beauty,❤️
    If you had married one grandpa like that, by now your skin would’ve been withering down like Regina own is currently doing.

    Chaii! Is good to get married to young blood like you so that both of you can refresh each other. And not getting married to someone that will use you to refresh his own blood.
    Let old blood marry old blood and young blood marry young blood.

    But also young blood is free to marry old blood, that’s her choice. Who am i to put asunder 💍💍after all no be my blood dem dey use refresh their body….but truth be told, longer throat no good at all. ☺️

  12. Guys The Aquisation Is Too Much, So Long As He Is Taking Care Of Her It Ok.Is Better Than She Moving From One Man To The Other.Show Her Some Luv Pls.Upon All U Say She Never Complained

  13. My love for her is unending. #reginadaniel run your home by her example. Love you both ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  14. Plz Regina let me go to the market first, when I come I’ll comment. Thank God for you your grandpa has already make much money for you coz you don’t have other things to do unless to work on social media. As for me I’m single parent I have to fight very hard for my children to survive!!! 😉😉😉

  15. I come in peace, any spirit of insuit from many people in this group by the risen of Jesus Christ I come against you with the power of the Holy Ghost 🔥. Honestly, I don’t like the way, some people choose to insuit there follow being because of one mistake or the other. Mess Mercy Johnson, my name seek, my roel model I will always love you

  16. Mercy I love you and your kids. You are an example of wife material “full yards” and caring mother.

  17. Marcy Johnson okojie are these two girls your twin sisisters? Course they look so much like you 😃 😃 lol

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