“Help the little you can”

Bobrisky has condemned Nigerian celebrities who insult their fans for asking for financial help from them on social media.

This is coming after popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo dished out a warning to her entitled fans who always ask her for money.

Iyabo Ojo in an Instalive chat, stated that people don’t have the right to ask her for money just because they are her fans.

She also spoke against those who take up different responsibilities when they don’t have the finance to see it through. Iyabo Ojo who further stressed that she has many mouths to feed, added that time waits for no one and everyone should make hay while the sun shines.

Reacting on Instagram, Bobrisky said raining insults on fans who beg for money is not ‘right’ because without Instagram, ‘there are no fans’ to support them.

He further said in his post that without a large following of fans on Instagram, brands wouldn’t approach them for endorsement.

Bobrisky wrote;

Help d little you can and move on, if all your fans are working my dear nobody will follow u o ! So I feel insulting ur fans because they beg from you is not right pls. You can ignore them if you can’t. Everybody has a story to tell, so because you sold pure water before making it doesn’t stop u from helping when you make it

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