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For ten years, Wizkid has defied the odds, created Iconic records, and made us proud more every now and again.

It’s a shame that in 2021, some people still question Wizkid’s credibility, and even, talent. But the people that matter know Wizkid is not only talented, he’s worked hard and has proven himself, long ago.

Long before there was a record called “Essence.” Long before Tems came along. Long before afro-fusion. Long before “African Giant.”

Burna Boy came in 2019 and literally changed the game. It was insane. I mean Wizkid was having a good year, Davido too, most good guys were. But it was nothing like a Grammy nomination and a potential win.

After that Grammy nomination, even though he lost, he had changed what it meant to be number one in Africa. And for a while, I guess we could say he was. He had that run. He was a giant above everyone else on the continent.

But Wizkid started plotting last year, dropped an album in October, and started making moves. Slowly, without people realizing it, Wizkid had found his way into the hearts of listeners all over the globe.

By the time it was mid-2021, Wizkid had set so many records that you can actually say, he is ahead of Burna Boy, even though Burna did win a Grammy.

That was the only thing Burna Boy had—still has—over Wizkid. But if Wizkid wins the Grammy, doesn’t that kind of mean he is the biggest in Africa once again?

What do you think?

Does Wizkid’s Grammy Make Him The No. 1 In Africa Once Again?

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