Adupe lowo Eledumare fun ipamo ati aabo re. Happy birthday to Oonirisa. Igba odun odun kan baba ri…

Adupe lowo Eledumare fun ipamo ati aabo re. Happy birthday to Oonirisa. Igba odun odun kan baba ria


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  1. Happy birthday kabiyesi kade ope lori ki bata o pe lese ki irukere o da bere ki eshin oba ojoko pe lase edumare amin

  2. Happy birthday to the most gifted oba in Yoruba land, I prayed that almighty Allah bless your new age with good health prosperity and wellness. more fruitful years ahead of you ijn. Cheer up sir it’s your day ,a real role model of our time.

  3. Happy birthday to you sir Royal Majesty, more celebrations ahead of years in Jesus Name congratulations sir

  4. Kabiyesiiiii oo oo oo, Mo sunmo oba niwon egbefa, Mo jinna s’oba niwon egbeje, eni rin Oba fin l’oba npa. Irukere a di okinni ooo. Happy birthday Sir

  5. Happy birthday to you sir long live and prosperity more years to come More wealth to you more grace to you in life sir

  6. Happy birthday to his royal majesty, my cute king…i wish you many more years to come in good health and prosperity.. Age with grace sir.

  7. Kabiesi ooooooooooo
    Alase ikeji orisa.
    Adimula of Yoruba Land.
    Oonirisa One.
    Ojaja II
    Happy birthday to you sir.
    Long life and prosperity in good health.
    God bless your new age.
    Age with sufficient grace.
    Igba Odun,Odun kan.

  8. Happy birthday to the man I love is ways and leadership style. The wisdom of God will rest on you afresh. More blissful years IJN. Congratulations!!!

  9. Happy birthday sir, your years shall be long and the Lord will grant you peace of mind to enjoy the grace and mercy he has bestowed upon you.

  10. Whaoo!!! Behold a God fearing royal father. Happy birthday. We are proud of you, sir, our loving Kabiesi.

  11. Congratulations, We celebrate with you sir on this special day may ur days be extremely long in sound health and abundant prosperity age with massive grace sir

  12. Happy birthday your Imperial Majesty..May God’s blessings of more wisdom, good health and peace of mind be yours always sir…Kabiesi ooo.

  13. Happy Birthday sir, glad to share birth date with you…. Ki Ade pe Lori, ki bata pe lese, esin oba aaaaa jeko pe ooooo….. Amin

  14. It a blessed day to kabiyesi an me as bolt of us are celebrate in same date happy birthday to bolt of us I pray to celebrate more years in shall alaah.amin

  15. Happy birthday your Imperial Majesty. The Lord will increase your wisdom to do more in helping this nation especially in bringing peace to our land. More grace sir.

  16. Congratulations HBD to Oonirisa Arole Oodua Ojaja11 Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi many more good years to celebrate on earth of living God will grant all your hearts desires IJMN Kabiyesiiooo.

  17. My father, my most respected king the arole oduduwa. Congratulations. Happy glorious birthday. May you continue to sunshine in the beauty of your creation and may you continue to fullfil the glorious part in good health. You have been a wonderful, unique oba, king in all areas. The whole oduduwa race is filling your important impact, the whole world enjoy your peaceful impact, messages so the whole universe is celebrating your new age with you sir. Kabiyesi you have change the face of Africa race in the world by educating the world and making them knows the truth of their origin. May you continue to live in perfect peace all the days of your life. Longer you will live on the throne of your forefathers. Kabiyesi nothing good will elude you and your family in life. Happy birthday Once Again King

  18. God be with our prominent king in yoruba land you are great. A very loving traditional father. God bless Nigeria

  19. Your Royal Majesty, happy birthday to you sir, i wish you sir more years of tranquility, happiness and healthy life, your reign shall long for century. Happy birthday.

  20. Happy birthday to Imperial Royal Majesty Ooni of Ife and congrats Sir on your special day, may God bless your new age gracefully.

  21. Happy Birthday to you Kab iyesi. May the Almighty gr ant you a heart after God like King David of old in Je sus name. I also pray that wisdom be deposited upn you sir, to rule your people and also give wise couns el to our national leaders at this crucial stage.

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