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7 Healthy Foods Foods to Eat For Clear And Healthy Skin 

There is a saying that “we are what we eat,” and this is very true. Beauty begins from within, and what you eat has a significant impact on your overall appearance. From your nails to your hair, and most importantly, your skin, your diet can affect how they all turn out.

There are different ways to take on a healthy diet, but certain foods are sure to boost your skin’s appearance. Research has been conducted to find out the relationship between what we eat and our look. Studies have backed up the claim that the intake of some kind of foods affects our skin either negatively or positively. Eating healthy to get clear skin is a long term approach and deviates from the simple practice of using chemicals and the likes.

There are other benefits to eating healthy in addition to your 10 steps Korean skincare routine. It not only improves your outward appearance but is also suitable for your overall health in the long run. So, if you desire to have great looking skin, you should start with a diet upgrade. You can also learn the 5 habits of people with great skin.

What are the foods that will give you clear and healthy skin? Let’s find out below:

Recommended Foods to Eat For Acne-Free And Healthy Skin

1. Leafy Greens 

Yes, greens like spinach are a must in your diet. They are a great way to get some antioxidants into your skin for that healthy glow. They provide the body with some essential vitamins like A,  C, and E. They also provide your skin with collagen and elastin for firmer skin, protecting against sun damage. While these leafy greens protect your skin from the inside, never forget to apply some sunscreen. Here is all you need to know about sunscreens.


2. Low-Glycemic Foods 

Studies have shown that high-glycemic foods like white bread, white rice, pasta, refined sugars, or processed food could be responsible for inflammation and acne. Instead, swap out these foods for a low-glycemic diet, or foods low in simple sugar. It will help to improve your skin and reduce the appearance of acne and outbreaks. Low-glycemic foods consist of brown rice, quinoa, turkey, sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc. will help clear up your acne.

3. Berries 

7 Healthy Foods Foods to Eat For Clear And Healthy Skin 

Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, and most berries are all high in antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body against free radical damage caused by the environment and help the body to heal itself faster. These antioxidants do great wonders for your skin as well.

4. Citrus Fruits 

7 Healthy Foods Foods to Eat For Clear And Healthy Skin 

Citrus yellow and orange fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and oranges come packed with the richness of vitamin C. These vitamins help support collagen to improve your skin’s firmness. It increases metabolism and reduces bloating as well.

5. Omega-3 and Fatty acids 

There is an endless list of the great benefits of fish high in omega-3 to your skin. Go for fresh fish like mackerel, salmon, cod, tuna, sardines, and the likes because they are high in selenium. Fish with high fatty acids are necessary because they boost your skin’s natural oil barrier, fighting against uneven skin tone and dryness.

6. Nuts 

7 Healthy Foods Foods to Eat For Clear And Healthy Skin 

Walnut and cashew nuts are a great addition to your diet. These nuts help fight inflammation and stress and reduce the damage of free radicals in the body. They can also help with better-looking skin and reduce the breakout of acne.

7. Eggs 

7 Healthy Foods Foods to Eat For Clear And Healthy Skin 


A favourite of Koreans and a famous beauty tren, egg yolk is rich in vitamin A and aids skin repair. It also nourishes and soothes the skin and is also suitable for your health too.

Other foods that help improve your complexion and overall appearance include green tea, turmeric, beef, lentils, pumpkin seeds, seafood, tomatoes, and so on.

Now you know that healthy glowing skin begins with a healthy diet. For that total makeover, you need to start with what is on your plate. In the long run, you not only have beautiful skin; your health is on the right track. In addition to eating healthy, find out if natural skincare products are the best for your skin. Revamp your meal today and watch your skin and health improve.



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